Kuhl Cryo-Therapy Ice Roller Massager for Face & Body

Do you have challenges with inflammation, puffiness, swelling, headaches, sore muscles, unknown kinks in your body & need some relief with a ‘kuhling’ effect? Well, this product was created just for you.

You can use this as a face & body massage roller to give some necessary attention to your troubling areas.

You’re Welcome!

(Perfect to pair with any of the Kuhl Essence Essential Oil Proprietary Blend Salves ~ Keep it Movin | Bish Be Gone | That Good Skin Though)


Kuhl Cryo-Therapy Ice Roller Massager for Face & Body


How it can be helpful & utilized best:

Has been known to provide relief for various ailments. The stainless steel ice roller can be used many ways. For better results, pair the ice roller with the Kuhl Essence products. The combination of both will be perfect together!

Some suggested ways include (but are not limited to):

● May ease eye fatigue & lessen puffy eye bags by massaging around the eye socket & temples. Be gentle with the pressure on delicate areas such as the eye area.

● Has been known to assist with relief from headaches, migraines & hangovers by massaging the temples, back of the neck along with the sides of the neck down your shoulders. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Mens Sana” Proprietary Blend

● Can potentially relieve sore muscles, reduce swelling, & encourage circulation stimulation. Ideal for post-workouts, injuries, & possibly post-surgical procedures. The massager could contribute to a speedier recovery. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Keep It Movin” Salve.)

● Has the potential to dissipate bruises faster. Roll the massager over the bruise & surrounding areas. This helps break up the blood vessels under the skin. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Keep It Movin” Salve, massage in circular motions to your bruised area.)

● Has been known to relieve discomfort & pain from varicose veins. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Keep It Movin” Salve, massage in circular motions to your varicose vein area for relief & to stimulate circulation.

● Helps relieve itching & swelling from insect bites like mosquitoes, spiders & even poison ivy. DO NOT ITCH! Immediately massage the ice roller over the bite & surrounding areas. The cold could help slow down the spread of the venom under the skin which could reduce itching. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Betta Bug Off” Proprietary Blend.

● Could calm your skin & reduce the sensitivity from sunburns after too much sun exposure. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “That Good Skin Though” Salve by massaging it in to your skin like a body lotion after your shower.)

● Could be useful for enhancing your skincare routine. Using the ice roller, massage over your face & skin to encourage your serums & moisturizers to absorb deeper.

● Ideal for rolling over facial masks. This could encourage pores to constrict so they may appear smaller. Also, could stimulate & may improve circulation to restore radiance.

● Could soothe & calm redness from acneic inflamed skin. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “That Good Skin Though” Salve by applying it in to your skin as a light moisturizer.)

● Could mitigate a hot flash caused by stress, anxiety & menopausal symptoms. (Pairs perfectly with Kuhl Essence “Simmer Down” and “Kuhl Off” Proprietary Blend.)

Helpful Tips:

● After each use, be sure to clean the handle & detachable roller head with a mild soap & water. Dry thoroughly.

● It should take about 15-20 minutes to get the stainless steel to reach an optimal level of cold. DO NOT HEAT!!! A fresh out of the freezer cold roller will most likely last for 7-10 minutes before losing its chill.

● For storage & convenience, place the detachable stainless steel roller head in the freezer. Store the handle portion separately (not in the freezer) so it’s not cold to the touch & uncomfortable when you’re ready to use again.

Please Note:

  • It’s common for there to be a buildup of sticky gel on the roller. It’s a lubricant oil that assists the roller to roll more smoothly. To remove, clean with mild soap & neutral water temperature.
  • The suggested Kuhl Essence products listed & pictured are not included in the purchase of this item. You will need to purchase any of those separately.


The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Ice Roller Massager

Ice Roller Massager


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