Fluffy Duster Beach Brush

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Do you love going to the beach but don’t love getting sand all over you or your towel?

This has been something that I’ve been trying to overcome since I was younger. Once I discovered a way to dust off the sand in a fun & fashionable way, I was hooked. My friends definitely joke with me but they always ask to borrow mine.

Now you can have your very own.

Well, this “Fluffy Duster Beach Brush” was created just for you.

You’re Welcome!


Fluffy Duster Beach Brush


How it can be helpful:

Removes unwanted sand from your body & beach towel. You don’t have to get your hands sandy to wipe it off.

Perfect for using just before applying more sunscreen or tanning lotion.

Multi-purpose tool…once you’re off the sand & leaving the beach, dust the remaining sand off of your body & shoes so your car is less sandy.

How to utilize for best results:

After you take that refreshing dip in the ocean, you walk back to your towel, your legs & feet have picked up wet sand along the way. Give it a few minutes to dry before using your duster brush. The sand will be easier to remove because wet sand & a dry bristle brush don’t work well together!

Once the sand is dusted off, re-apply your favorite broad spectrum SPF sunblock to protect your skin from burning & sun damage. Don’t forget your feet!

Perfect for dusting off the bottom of your beach bag, towel, cooler, beach umbrella, beach shoes, & beach toys.

How to wash your duster brush:

1) Over the garbage can, shake off any excessive sand that’s in the bristles.
2) Over the sink, get the water to a neutral temperature (not too hot) and run the bristles under the faucet.
3) A small amount of mild liquid soap can be worked into the bristles to help clean & disinfect the brush.Be sure to rinse out all of the soap.
4) Shake & squeeze out any remaining water. If possible, hang upside down to dry or lay flat on a clean towel.
5) Re-shape the bristles to its original tapered shape. Your beach brush will perform better when it’s fresh & clean. It’ll be ready for your next beach adventure!


The brush is crafted with an ergonomic wooden handle so it feels nice in your hand & comfortable to hold. The bristle hair is made from dense & smooth nylon. The vegan synthetic hair is soft & skin-friendly. A sturdy stainless steel black connection ring helps the bristles stay together.

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Fluffy Duster Beach Brush – Amber with Black


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