Marijuana VS Hemp

Have you always thought Marijuana & Hemp are the same plant?

Well, you’re not alone! But, you’re not totally wrong.

Let us explain…

Both are members, meaning they are different variations within the same species, of the Cannabacea Family. They’ve been classified in the same category because they’re so similar. Yet, they’re so different. This charted breakdown will give you a clear perspective of what differentiates these two plants & how you can receive benefits from both.

Marijuana Plant VS Hemp Plant...
How they are Similar & how they Differ:

To clarify, the Hemp Plant & the Marijuana Plant are NOT the same. Although they both are members of the Cannabis Sativa Plant Family, they are two different plants with different purposes. 

However, both naturally contain phytocannabinoids such as CBD & THC, along with multiple other chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Plant. These chemical compounds each have their unique genetic makeups that have physical & mental affects when they interact with Cannabinoid Receptors in your cells.

Let’s check out how they are similar, yet differ…



Article Written by Sara Kuhl

Sara is the Founder & Creator of Kuhl Essence. She is driven by her passion for delivering clear & relatable education about health, wellness, skin, & the benefits of Cannabis along with Essential Oils. She loves to learn and share the wealth of knowledge she has gained over her longtime career as a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty & Wellness Enthusiasts, & Skincare Specialist. Living a plant-based lifestyle, Sara emphasizes the importance of clean-living with a holistic approach. She created Kuhl Essence with the goal to help as many people as she can with her ayurvedic products.  

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