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Have you always been fascinated to learn how companies began?

Well, Kuhl Essence has its own unique story. Created from a personal necessity to change lifestyle habits has grown to be beneficial to so many others. You’ll learn how the journey started & has grown along the way.

The Kuhl’s have a great balance of corporate life along with a strong journey through entrepreneurship. Witnessing the values of dedication, consistency, loyalty, & integrity has been absorbed. Sara & her brother, Brian, were taught to have a strong work ethic, not to ‘burn bridges’, & learn the value of a dollar. 

Since they were weeks old, they watched their mom, Terry, climb the corporate ladder. Always present in their life, Terry was a successful career woman. Around 7 years old, Sara watched her father leave the corporate world to embark on a different path. Bob Kuhl chose the entrepreneurship route. He created, from the ground up, a sports apparel shop that specializes in customizations.  Owning your own company comes with putting forth continuous effort, energy, & countless hours. Over the years, many milestones have been reached but it hasn’t always been easy. One of Sara’s favorite mottos to live by is “Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Sara pursued entrepreneurship too! Her 20 year career in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist & Skincare Specialist unknowingly groomed her for the world of Health & Wellness. She learned the elements that affect the skin go much deeper than just using skincare products. What you consume (or not consume) along with certain lifestyle choices, highly influences the functionality of your internal system, which is directly connected to your largest organ, the skin.

Genetics are real & so are generational habits! 

Learning about health issues within her family tree, Sara gradually transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. This encouraged her decision to adopt a holistic approach to preventative care. Becoming a vegan was something Sara never thought she’d choose to do, especially growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio (aka Porkopolis). 

She chose a different lifestyle than what she learned growing up including her perspective on taking synthetic medicine.  We’ve all been taught to go to the “drug store” (or the pharmacy) to fill a prescription from the doctor. Having faith that what we’ve generationally been taught is something we should trust & assume safe. As Sara’s vegan research expanded, she learned about holistic plant-based wellness. At the time, she wanted to wean herself off her prescribed Adderall. She needed help with focus & concentration because of her severe ADD & ADHD, but not at the price her body was being sacrificed by consuming the pharmaceuticals.  Her sleep was drastically impacted which put a major strain on her everyday obligations. She knew there had to be a healthier approach to gain focus & concentration. 

This is when the journey of creating proprietary blend treatments from essential oils began. Around the same time, she was also introduced to CBD. Learning to pair the treatments with CBD Oil turned out to be highly effective.

Fast forward 7 years, Kuhl Essence was born! 

The products & treatments that Sara has created over the years stem from family & friends sharing their everyday problems. Issues that cause an inability to fully function & be efficient in their daily life. The reviews & the re-orders were encouragement & inspiration to build this company.

Even though her mom enjoys retired life, Terry decided to jump on as Sara’s business partner. During the 2020 Pandemic, they launched Kuhl Essence LLC together as a family-owned, plant based, holistic wellness company.

Kuhl Essence was created to fill the demand & need for a holistic approach to everyday health & wellness. Sara always says, “The stepping stones to longevity begins by investing in your health.”

Fun fact: Kuhl Essence’s original product is “Get Ya Mind Right” to help with  ADD/ADHD. Sara still uses it everyday as needed!

Article Written by Sara Kuhl

Sara is the Founder & Creator of Kuhl Essence. She is driven by her passion for delivering clear & relatable education about health, wellness, skin, & the benefits of Cannabis along with Essential Oils. She loves to learn and share the wealth of knowledge she has gained over her longtime career as a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty & Wellness Enthusiasts, & Skincare Specialist. Living a plant-based lifestyle, Sara emphasizes the importance of clean-living with a holistic approach. She created Kuhl Essence with the goal to help as many people as she can with her ayurvedic products.  

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