What’s all the hype about Essential Oils?

Have you heard of Essential Oils but never been sure what all the hype is about? This guide will give you a simple yet effective explanation so you can get excited about alternative ways to approach a healthier lifestyle. You’ll learn how Kuhl Essence implemented these plant-based alternatives to create unique treatments for everyday ailments.

Wondering what’s up with all the hype about Essential Oils?

Having a desire to seek a more holistic approach for preventative health reasons, I never really knew their capability & amazingly beneficial powers. With a passion for learning, our company has & always will go above & beyond to research, study & become more knowledgeable about how to implement essential oils in our lives. 

After receiving noticeable results personally, creating a variety of formulas became exciting & fun. Friends & family members would share their health challenges & everyday ailments they wanted to fix. Going into the lab to create unique treatments was intriguing. Once we realized that our customized blends were fulfilling needs, helping & providing improvement, Kuhl Essence was born.

What is an Essential Oil? (EO)

EO’s are plant extracts. They’re extracted from various parts of the plants (flowers, bark, leaves, roots, resin, peels, fruits). They’re extracted through a process of distillation (steaming or pressing) to separate the oil & water based compounds of a plant. They are highly concentrated oils that have a strong aroma. (Also known as Aromatherapy Oils). The concentration of the plant oils create the most powerful healing & therapeutic compounds of a plant into a single oil.  EO’s provide a wide variety of beneficial aspects to people’s lives through aromatherapy, topically, & depending on the essential oil, sometimes consumed. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal & health purposes. Essential Oils need to be used responsibly because they have different effects on different individuals. Also, just because EO’s are a holistic approach (versus a synthetic pill form approach) doesn’t mean you can or should over use them. Everything in moderation is important!  With that being said, there are multiple beneficial properties & varieties of ways to utilize essential oils. The spectrum ranges from general health, household purposes, hair & skin care.

General benefits of how Essential Oils & CBD can work for you in your everyday life:

What are Essential Oil Proprietary Blends? (EOPB)

The products created by Kuhl Essence are infused & considered “proprietary blends” (or “customized formulas”). We use carrier oils &/or butters/creams in conjunction with a variety of essential oils that harmonize nicely together. Not all Essential Oils should be used topically or internally on their own. This is why we blend the EO’s with nourishing carrier oils &/or butters.

Kuhl Essence is committed to always using premium quality & safe ingredients. Not all EO’s are created & extracted the same. For our company’s growth for product fulfillment along with being consciously aware about earth sustainability, when possible, we strive to source organic versions of the essential oils, carrier oils, & body butters. Ingredient sourcing may vary but will always be consistent with the product quality & efficacy.

Article Written by Sara Kuhl

Sara is the Founder & Creator of Kuhl Essence. She is driven by her passion for delivering clear & relatable education about health, wellness, skin, & the benefits of Cannabis along with Essential Oils. She loves to learn and share the wealth of knowledge she has gained over her longtime career as a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty & Wellness Enthusiasts, & Skincare Specialist. Living a plant-based lifestyle, Sara emphasizes the importance of clean-living with a holistic approach. She created Kuhl Essence with the goal to help as many people as she can with her ayurvedic products.  

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